How to get emails in the Inbox Folder avoiding Spam or Promotions

Resources List from the video:


Use Demo List


Inbox Equalizer
– Choose Subject
– Write content (ClosersCopy)
– Check Links
Check Spelling


Check results till approval


Check DKIM, SPF, DMARC en código fuente


Sending Speed




Clean Bounces

Clean mail queue


Hello there Jorge here and I want to show you in this video what are the steps that I’m using to get my email my emails in the inbox folder of my contacts. So this is going to be straightforward it’s about nine steps pretty much and i’ll be showing you what i do what it’s working for me and what you should be doing to get your emails out of the spam box when you’re sending some promo emails or you’re sending some stuff to your contacts and so on.

It’s important to say if you are sending to a cold list because they don’t know you and so on it’s important that you send value so not try to sell them in the first email the second and the third one because they are going to send you a complain about that and your list is going to be sunk. So this is. How it’s going to we’re going to show you every every step i’m going to do it as fast as possible as clear as possible and any question that you have about his please ask in the comments.

I will put all the links that i’m using in the description box so if you have any questions or just please ask me If you like the video subscribe please, like or whatever. Okay so let’s go to the to the point so how to get emails in the inbox folder avoiding the of promotions. First of all i’m using these two sites and just to check the quality of the email that i’m sending so this is my genius okay-

It’s a free site and the other one is this one So you can see this I will get into this later and then second step is use a demo list. A demo list i’m using here Mailwizz but you can use getresponse or you can use aweber or any autoresponder that you have there so it’s no problem, they all pretty much work the same so it’s not a problem actually. I have a list in here it’s test list this one i’m gonna check the subscribers in here and i have a list of subscribers this is for the the first step. So first of all i want to add this email this is changing every time i you get in there so this might be a change in your case so i’m going to add a new one because this is the last i did test create a new one email and i’m going to set to confirm and save changes.

Which comes up again here are my email is okay so i can just clean delete this one okay and on the other side regarding email the availability test in gmask you have to add all these addresses into that list. I’ve done it before so i have here all that emails in there they’re all confirmed so it’s cool
so it’s pretty easy you can add it depending if you don’t get response in aweber or whatever you can there’s some some ways of just uploading a bunch of emails it’s not really hard to do it and it’s really explaining all that system so once i got all the list ready let’s go to next step.

Regarding the writing of the email i use this tool i’m going to put you also the link for all this no problem about that, this is optional because you can have your email or you can have anything you want to send already written but if you are struggling looking for a good subject line or good content and so on you can use this tool. So i’m going to use this tuning here, i’m going to tools subject line generator for example i’m going to send something about a video that i made about uh i don’t know tools to that can help time can can save you time for example. Let’s see if i can see let me i like this one
so let me tell you how i improve with this.

For example 16 steps and this 16 is because i’m going to share this video these 16 easy tools that i always use and i guess it’s a good one so let’s check what can be done. 10 percent 10.64 are uppercase okay too much uppercase in there so i’m going to just fix that. So earn it’s about to learn let’s see
try how exactly how exactly i do uh i improve and this one okay so i have a 100 is pretty nice so i’m going to save this in in my lists and copy.

This subject lines pretty cool and next step will be the writer content i can i use from time to time closerscopy that’s an artificial intelligence tool in order to write stuff uh i’m going to show you a little bit i will i’ll leave you the link down there also so let’s go to here so for example i’m going to use some kind of framework in here i’m going to show you all. I’m going to library for example i’m looking into emails for example i look i can look for anything here, opening subject line call to action.

I’m using here i can use sales blog as story i’m going to use blog for example and i’m going to put for example call to action and tools to improve time. I’m going to put right for me and i just have to wait a few seconds in order to generate some text that i can use or i can rewrite or i can change or just inspire me .Okay so here we are or team experience just gonna put it up you have a look to see if you can get some idea revenue, maybe i can use something like this, let me try with this, need to get a lot more done use. have a look at this video to get a better handle on the tasks at hand by using them properly you’ll get to get more done listen. O like that

I’m just going to okay everything out i’m going to say something like -Hi there i’ve just published a video about my far read says tools i use in my day by day for example but day by day uh do you need i’m going to respel this do it you need choose to get a lot more door okay-

I know there’s a lot of info about this and a lot of people sorry about that actually do videos about stuff that they don’t actually use but in this case
i can tell you this have saved me lots of time and i really have a look at it, so this will be primitive my email, you can do better you can start
something with a problem so maybe struggling with your time on the spill time using the wrong tools for example that’ll be the problem that’d be the stand of what i’m going to show you here and then the solution for that so so let’s put in here this is the direct access to my video so i’m going to use this
video for example that i really like because it’s actually i it’s not recent this is a little bit old but it’s still working.

So that’s my email and to put it in here on best regards see you next week for example okay write it okay that’ll be me. So i’m done pretty much with the email the short is straight to the point just with a link for the youtube video and it’s done so let’s go to mailwizz and let’s go to in this case if
you’re using aweber or whatever it will be different. I’m going to all campaigns. I’m going to look for a campaign that I did or you can just make a new a new one. Maybe I create a new one from from scratch campaign name i’m going to put “test video deliverability” which one is the list.

This is my list regular. we’re gonna save a next the subject line i’m going to paste in here. Copy and paste here, url tracking embedding that spanx email
it’s it’s really nice and preheated you can just put a subtext in here. Have a look at this perfect so save next and then it’s time to write my email i’m going to use uh to load the templat. Cchange template load template I’m going to use this one because this is the one that i use from time to time
that’s my base here my image and so on i need to change the link for this because it’s not okay. This is my site and this is https okay. I’m going to paste here the content go to mailwizz

I’m going to paste it here for example. I can use this button but I don’t really want to make this too much complex delete row and row delete rows and I’m done okay so starting with your channel. Oops uh there’s some spelling mistakes in here that i will be the next step that’s checking the spelling so i’m gonna copy this and go into the here it’s too long here. I’m going to see if there’s using I this is mistaking my mistake here. Perfect, on the other side the other space i guess let me check here and to reload let me delete everything. Save me lots of time has saved me perfect and now i guess there’s no mistakes otherwise i’m not full extremely fluent in english so maybe uh it’s not some ill spell phrase or something like that but okay whatever let’s just mark a little bit in here. i guess it’s enough. i’m going to save next, i’m going to send this to the test list to see how it is working so it’s 19 is 18 I guess it’s 18 plus the one from the from the mailgenius. I have to delete one of this i guess it’s me what is it. This one is not longer working so
you can just avoid that and let’s go into send campaign.

So this is this may take a little while because male which is working launching every minute and now we have to wait a little bit to just descending to be executed and just check in here what’s going on so first of all if i go to gmask i just put my email the one email i sent from and you can see that here it falls in the inbox updates it’s nice.

This is fully in spam, this is no good but this is really really hard for sometimes to get all the inboxes in here but as you can see all most of all are getting into the inbox so it’s pretty nice if you find that you’re all all of them are falling into the inbox you must recheck the content you must recheck the subject line. you must you have to check if you’re if your ip or your domain it’s in a blacklist blacklisted or something like that. And here we are the results of the mailgenius course 97 out of 100 which is nice and these are the two mistakes or or suggestions you have to see that dk i am the spf everything. is nice i’m just getting two uh two stops in here two things in here that the links are too long I don’t really feel that’s uh at so long it’s really hard to to put a tracking link that’s lower than 120 characters as putting here so i’m going to oversee this and the other one.

Let me check here is the dmark. The d mark authentication this is something that has to do with your domain and i really recommend that you go to your
internet provider or your hosting provider to talk about this. In this case the question is the the policy is none if i put the policy in order to
uh i put to reject a quarantine that is going to turn out that some of my emails are not going to be sent either so this is the lowest bad solution is to put here if you don’t know how to handle with dmarc and the dmark, the dkim and the spf this is quite important here to look all green at least this one the one with this dmark in here.

it’s really really important because if you don’t have this right it’s pretty hard to get into the inbox of anybody so you have to talk about this with your hosting I have another video about these three steps and i would recommend you to have a look also i will let the link down there.

So okay, we are here check the results still approved i’m right in here check the dkim, spf dmark in source code that means that you can add your address in here in the melody in the group you can add in your list in my i’m going to my test list in here it’s sorry it’s where is my list of forget where is it
okay. Just list and you can add your email here so you can get your email as i did here and this is my email this is in spanish but i sent it yesterday and
see source code and what you have to look in here about between all this mess is this one.

You have to check here dkim and pass spf pass and dmarc plus okay so it’s really really important that you have these three things set up so i will let the video there but this is a problem most of the times of the domain and so on okay so you can check your hosting provider and so on so let’s go

Regarding set sending speed, that’s a configuration that you can just just change in mail with you can change it in aweber on in a lot of pretty much in most autoresponders because i really recommend not to send 1000 emails per minute because this is crazy if you’re warming up your ip your domain is new and so on i recommend you to send about 20 30 or 50 or 80 an hour after the domain has more than one year old and you have sent emails from time to time.

So next step will be if everything’s ready i i have have you seen that all this stuff it’s really really tedious to do but it’s it’s the way to do if you want to get this into the inbox okay now next uh will be composed and send the the email to the to your list then clean bounces and they clean the
email queue so if you’re here for example in mailwizz. You have sometimes let’s see the stats here sometimes you have bounces that means that some users are not using that email account or it’s full and there’s no email just coming in there i’m going to show you because i don’t have i have cleaned from time to time so i’m going to look for camping.

for example, okay this is the camping okay and you have here bounces if you can see here and click and see the bounce what i used to do is just delete them okay I don’t want to mess with bounces hard bounces off bounces and so on so I’m gonna lose people okay i know but i rather prefer to get everybody
that is active in my account i don’t want to mess with people that has all the mail completely full okay and last step would be to clean email queue in case you can’t you can you have sometimes maybe problems especially if you’re doing the email sending from the from a mail with a system that actually
is used in your domain.

So you have to go to your cpanel and look and find where or your key we are and delete everything that’s in the giveaway and also delete that messages
from your list that’s going to be a future cleaner list your emails are going to be better and hopefully you will get all in all the inboxes of your contacts that’s the last step for me so this visit this has been a pretty much 20 minutes video it’s a 20 minutes thing that you need to do I really recommend you to do if you’re going to send because otherwise i’ve been sending a lot of emails just not checking all this stuff and after researching after arguing with my hosting provider and so on finally I get my emails right there but it’s this is not always working, I mean you have to check this.

I recommend really once a week i think that you may think this is crazy but it’s 20 minutes and if you are going to be fast from time to time as i do now you can do that in 10 15 minutes and it’s really worthwhile otherwise. You’re going to be sending emails to the spam folder and nobody’s going to open them
so this is it i hope you liked the video uh like and subscribe if you want and all the links of all explanations will be down there in the description
box see you