It is time to start your adventure

Tired of depending on a job where you are consistently undervalued?

Like you, I started giving my time to private companies that earned with me more than double I received from their wages.

So I decided embrace my professional life and start looking for my own life.

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Block 1: Within the million

This small block of videos gives you some guidelines for you to analyze your current web service and can give you some interesting ideas to promote yourself.


In this video I briefly explain the importance of Google Pagerank and the Alexa tool for universal ranking.

If you have no idea whatsoever, it will basically give you a quick overview of items you have to consider to promote yourself.

Link Building

A lot of ideas that can be very useful for you to get external links that point to your website or your service.

Don’t miss the opportunity to continue improving your online reputation with these simple tips.

Hacked Website

In this video we explain the reasons why your website has been hacked and how to solve it. Weak passwords, insecure code …

There is nothing worse for a service or website than encountering a broken service or one that redirects us to a website full of viruses.

Block 2: Improvements, tricks and tools

With these free videos you will be able to make those changes to your website in order to do that everything works in an updated way and you will be able to learn how to use this important systems to promote yourself.

16 online tools I use everyday

I’m showing you 16 digital tools that have been with me along these years and have helped me to be more efficient, more productive and above all, they have made my life easier and saved a lot of work.

8 Easy Ways to earn some spare INCOME

8 ways that I have been using for a long time to earn an extra without too much effort.

I have listed only the ones that have worked best for me over the years.

7 steps I do to record a video

Hopefully it can be useful for you and take advantage of it.

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Many old websites use the MySQL connection system that was used for many years.

This system is already obsolete and with this video you can switch to the new MySQLi version with very little effort, improving your speed and especially your security.

Learn Using MailRelay

Online marketing is the main source of new clients, subscribers and people interested in your business.

With this video you will see how easy it is to use a free subscriber management system to be able to squeeze it and get profitability.

Block 3: Build your own website

There are many systems to build your website. Here I show you the ones that have been most useful to me through all these years.

Landing Page in 20 minutes

Build a professional website in 20 minutes with WordPress with these simple instructions.

I show you how to use professional templates to show your website, product or brand in the best possible way, and in just 20 minutes.

Website from scratch

There is nothing like making a website from scratch to understand how it works and to extend it to meet your needs.

In this step-by-step tutorial you can access the first chapters of this famous course to develop your website from scratch.

Online Shop from scratch

Develop an online store from scratch, responsive, and fully operational.

In this step-by-step tutorial you can access the first chapters of this famous course to develop your online store from scratch. Thousands of students have followed this course, you will not be alone.

Block 4: Coming soon

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